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Several years ago, a group of Safety and Risk Management Professionals started a conversation on Linkedin with a single question - How do we improve workplace safety performance and reduce risk in our workplaces? 

We knew that the traditional approaches to safety management had plateaued and performance had stalled.  
We started to look at managing workplace safety and risk management differently.  We found that by using a coaching approach combined with our programs was the key to sustainable performance improvements.
It turns out that we didn't need more policies and procedures or more endless training programs - we needed to change our approach.
Are You Ready to Lead Safety Differently? 
The trend in current safety management is to move away from the traditional compliance-based, command and control style systems to a more commitment-based and inspiration-based approach to safety leadership in the workplace. 

As a people manager or safety professional, one of the primary skill you will need to be sucessful and lead improvement initiatives are Safety Coaching skills. ​
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What is Safety Coaching?​​​​

​​Safety Coaching is a conversation or a series of conversations that helps a person see their blind spots and shift the way they understand risk. ​​​​

The person who is leading this process is called the “coach” (aka Safety Coach) and the one being coached is referred to as the “coachee.” Safety coaching is a powerful tool for organizations to strengthen their safety programs and make safety a part of their workers’ “way of being.”

Safety Coaching is central to most of the current safety performance enhancement initiatives. Safety coaching skills help you lead and support such initiatives and create great value for your organization. 

Some of the examples are:
Developing a Culture of Safety
Safety Leadership Development
Behavior-Based Safety (BBS)
Human and Organizational Performance (HOP)
Safety Management Systems (SMS)
Implementing a Just Culture

The Mastery of Safety Coaching Program
We wanted to develop our coaching skills and share this knowldge with others in our workplaces. We found a program by Dan Newby, PCC which explains the "Active Safety Coaching Framework" he developed. The program will introduce you to ACTIVE Safety Coaching, designed specifically to generate safety performance improvements. While safety training aims to transfer information intellectually, safety coaching integrates language, emotions, and body as the sources of information. There is a significant difference between someone “believing safety is important” and “being a safety leader. By attending this program, you will be able to work with your teams and make safety part of their & way of being.” The program is selfpaced and can be taken anywhere you have an internet connection. 
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