About Safety.Coach

 Safety.Coach started several years ago as a group of Safety & Risk Management Professionals on Linkedin.com by our founder Michael Matthew

The original idea was to develop a forum to explore how to improve safety cultures & performance while reducing risk by employing traditional coaching skills and approaches in the workplace. During these discussions, based on our collective experiences and reviewing of mountains of literature on Safety Culture, BBS and Safety Management Systems, etc., we started to view safety management differently, field tested some ideas and started to see improvements! Safety.Coach is Owned and Operated by Safety.Services

Safety.Coach is a strategic partner of SafetyRelations.

About SafetyRelations

In partnership with SafetyRelations, Safety.Coach offers a great opportunity for safety professionals around the world to develop their coaching skills and lead safety performance initiatives effectively. The 6-week online course titled “Mastery in Safety Coaching” features SafetyRelations’ ACTIVE Safety Coaching framework which can be immediately put into practice.