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In partnership with SafetyRelations, We offer a great opportunity for people managers and safety professionals around the world to develop their coaching skills and lead safety performance initiatives effectively.  

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Program Overview
Mastery in Safety Coaching 

The 6 module online program titled “Mastery in Safety Coaching” features SafetyRelations’ ACTIVE Safety Coaching framework which can be immediately put into practice.

  1. Module 1
    Generating Self-Awareness
    Self Awareness is being conscious of your thoughts, emotions, and actions and their potential impact on workplace safety. Awareness of others is also critical to know if something is not going correctly or an adjustment is required.
  2. Module 2
    Language as a Coaching Tool
    In all use of language, no matter the idiom (for example English, Russian, or Hindi) there are only six actions you can be taking. Each of the six speech acts has a specific purpose and together gives you the tools to generate action, describe the world and create a safer future.
  3. Module 3
    Emotions as a Coaching Tool
    Emotions are the most overlooked area in safety performance even though they are one of the most powerful domains for learning and transforming safety behaviour. Emotions cause people to take action, and every decision a person makes has an emotion driving it.
  4. Module 4
    Trust, Interpretation
    At the core of a "Just Culture", which fosters fearless reporting lies the phenomenon of trust, which allows people to interact with others freely. Bringing the interpretations of the coachee and the organization into alignment is at the core of Safety Coaching
  5. Module 5
    Vision, Engagement
    Having a shared vision is essential if we want to create a strong safety culture that is sustainable. The body disposition that allows us to have a conversation about operations, maintenance or design may not serve the context of safety.
  6. Module 6
    Safety Coaching in Practice
    The focus of safety coaching is creating a context in which employees will inevitably learn about themselves and the ways that they behave in each context. being able to actively listen to others as unique observers or to the moods of your organization are all possibilities.

Mastery in Safety Coaching Training

The Top Ten Reasons To Attend The Mastery in Safety Coaching Program 

1. Learn to use language precisely to elevate safety performance
2. Learn on-line with one class per week
3. Use emotions as a source of information for safety decision-making
4. Develop new habits through practice by engaging the body language. 

5. Learn how to create a blame-free culture by building trust as an organizational core value
6. Go far beyond compliance and generate actual commitment to your safety programs
7. Learn to lead safety meetings and initiate action more efficiently and effectively

8. Meet other leanding safety coaches / professionals from all over the world
9. Earn a recongized certificate of Mastery in Safety Coaching for just $495.00
10. Practice the modules and apply the learning immediately program will introduce you to ACTIVE Safety Coaching, a framework designed specifically to generate safety performance.

Earn a Safety Coach Certificate

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